Spring Cleaning
I have been spring cleaning...

Same Ole, Same Ole
I am back to drama marathon-ing and sewing, which will best explain my lack of updates. :)

Frustrated with my poc printer/scanner. Never seen a scanner that scans one sheet of paper into 6 parts. Hey scanner, I'm not trying to make my own jigsaw puzzle (although it'll be quite cool).

/($_$)\ this is my face for the most part recently.

Ok till soon.

Fallen Off
Looks like i have fallen off the updating wagon again eh. Been in a bit of a slump and nothing much going on right now. :/

I Forgot How To Sleep Early

I used to go to bed at 10pm sharp every night.


Checked my calendar just now and realised payday is next week! ($_$) Yay! Perhaps after repaying my debts i might just have enough money to get that F21 bag. It's almost about time to retire my trusty animal bag. Bag, we have been through almost 5 years together and i will never forget you.

^ One day last week, i was hard at work when i felt a butt staring at me. I prodded it and it turned out to be a cushy seal. "Whatcha lookin' at!" Mr. Seal was not seen today. :(

Quiet crafty weekend last week. Friday come soon!

Still Jobless

Hallo, Jobless Pigg here to entertain you all again.

Something freaky happened at work today. I was charting and my charts started to disappear. The first time, i thought i had accidentally deleted the chart, even though i was pretty sure i had left that chart alone after completing it. So after redoing that chart, i scrolled through all the slides for a final check and saw that 2 more charts are missing  from another slide. This time i was super sure i did not delete them by accident. What are the chances right. Brrrr. I alerted my colleague and when she opened the file on her computer, all the charts are there, plus the extra chart that i redid. FREAKY! I knew then that it was time for me to go home.

Still Catching Up on PhotosCollapse )

^ Ok, will leave you guys with a(nother) photo of a korean 오빠 with my mini friend.

Have a confession: started with the dramas again. Anyhoo, have a good weekend all! :D

Long Day At Work

Such a long day at work today, 930am to 9pm! Plus, slept late last night, 3am = recipe for headache. Starting to hate numbers now.

I don't understand why most people like to adjust their seats to the maximum height, i often find that to be most uncomfortable and hinders slouching. Heh. Also, why do people not care that their keyboard, mouse and monitor are dirty/ dusty/ full of fingerprints? Doesn't take much to wipe it once every few days.

Anyway, i think lj is buggy again. Argh.

Why why why do i keep thinking of traveling. Sighs. Love the short-lived feeling of almost total anonymity as well as the "fresh" air overseas. 

^ When my favourite bear popped into town, he brought along a new friend! <3

Well, this will be a short one, calling it early tonight. Let me first finish the couple of craft stuff i have on hand before i craft my post on korea.

^ Hehe, leaving you with a teaser for my korea adventures.

Hello Again :)
The long hiatus of sorts is hopefully coming to an end. :) Feels strange to write here again, after being absent for so long. What with busy school/ work days, being lazy and the lj glitches, excuses excuses huh.

If you haven't seen me in some time, except for being fatter and having longer hair (which i am trying not to cut for the next 10 years), i guess i'm still the same person i was before. Heh. Lately i have continued to get tardier, which bugs me immensely but i can't seem to get out of it. Perhaps i am not trying harder.

Since i last wrote, i am now officially jobless and a leech on society. Haha. I would like to think that maybe my standards are too high, that i'm day dreaming for that perfect job, but who knows. Desperate times will call for a drop in expectations soon. :p Still can't believe that i, finally after 4 torturous years of mad studying, have graduated against all odds. *yesh in exaggerated mo fashion*

These days, i have been busying myself with watching all kinds of dramas and i am currently taking a break from dramas before they fully take over my life. There are so many other things i want to do!

To The Photos!Collapse )

^ It's late and i'll finish this off with a picture of my modded laptop.

I Can't Believe I Wrote These
I was rooting through my certs drawer (yes, drawer to put birth cert, school certs, medals, TROPHY (for discus hahahaha!) and what not) when i came across this school essays complication booklet and i saw my essays inside! :p It was so long ago (sec school) i forgot i even kept it.

So i present to you two essays, one in English and the other in Chinese. Both cheesy like anything, and i can't believe they got chosen to be published, especially the Chinese one. In the Chinese one, you can see how pro i am at saying nothing in particular with so many words.


An Unforgettable Meeting

“How about meeting next week at the Starbucks café?” ‘Iceberg’ typed.

“Let’s talk about it later!” I typed back hastily, remembering the last time I agreed to meet someone whom I had been chatting with.

Although it happened months ago, I still remember it as clearly as day. It seemed like it just happened yesterday…

“How about meeting next week at the Starbucks café?” ‘Gal’ typed.

“O.k!” I replied enthusiastically.

We agreed to meet at two in the afternoon. I wore a pink blouse, held a teddy bear in my arms and stood near the entrance of the Starbucks café. I waited for a full ten minutes before I finally saw someone also wearing a pink blouse. She was also holding a teddy bear. Upon seeing that, I walked up to her and introduced myself. Thereafter, we went into the café and ordered some drinks.

“What would you like to have?” I asked politely.

“Whatever you are having!” she chirped, a little too loudly.

It did not bother me at first, thinking that she might be just too excited. However, it got worse. She began telling me jokes, jokes that weren’t funny at all. Her laugh was like a crackle, a crackle that most little children would associate with witches. Embarrassed by the attention we were getting from the staff as well as the customers in the café, I managed to whisk her away from the café.

Thinking that it would be better if we were away from the crowd, I brought her to my house. On the way back, she stopped telling jokes. Instead, she started telling me all about her precious little cat which had been knocked down by a speeding car. Fortunately, the bus was quite empty and we were seated right at the corner. After the torturous three minute bus ride, we were finally at my house.

Feeling hot and thirsty after the bus ride, I went to get some cold drinks for ourselves. She went with me and offered to make some snacks for me. Upon reaching the kitchen, she rushed to the refrigerator and took out almost two days’ supply of food. She hurried me out of the kitchen and told me to wait for our snacks. After what seemed like forever, she came out with a plate of scorched eggs and some overcooked sausages. She ate as if she had not eaten for days.

Feeling disgusted, I took my leave and went into the kitchen to wash my plate. To my horror, the whole kitchen was a mess. Egg shells were on the floor, forks and chopsticks were all over and even the frying pan was misplaced. I almost wanted to go out and give her a slap! Suppressing my anger, I went out and told her to leave. She seemed shocked, and then grabbing her belongings like a mechanized robot, she walked past me and gave me a disgusted look when I apologized for being a little cruel to chase her out of the house.

Shortly after she went home, I wondered if I should call her and apologize again. Before I could dial her number, I heard my mother telling me that there was a big hole in my brand new Nike shoes! I was so shocked and angry by the news and all thoughts of making peace with her disappeared. All I know is that I will never want to meet anyone from the Internet anymore, even if they appear to be perfect angels. As the saying goes, ‘Once bitten, twice shy”.







I will, when i have the time, dig out more such "treasures" and post them for your amusement and mine.

Heehee I'm Back
Ok i was away for a long time again. Was putting my writing skills to use on other MATTERS. This is the third time i am trying to post. Something seems to be wrong with the insert image thingy. :@ Sorry the images are like kinda not skewed properly. It bugs me too!

^ Helping people do facials once a week.

Anyway, i am back now and i present you, my collection!

^ This was where the photoshoot took place, the new extension that is too close to the toilet and other people's homes.

^ Where i used to store my things. But these photos were taken some time ago and since then, i have gotten a giant transparent toolbox to store my lovelies.

^ My only vintage one. Looking to collect more vintage ones, but vintage = $$$.

^ My lot of Japanese ones. One more has since been added. :p

^ English releases. Japanese releases are definitely better in details than the English ones.

^ Home game stations.

^ Colour versions. While i still dig the old black and white pixels tamas, i must admit that there is more to do with the colour ones. What with the weather, planting, collecting stamps...

^ Saying hello.

^ The latest colour version. :)) Fun, fun, fun!

Japan Is Awesome
This is why the Japanese will triumph over the terrible disaster. Get well soon Japan!


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