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Bandung, Meh. Part II
We continue on to the third day with aching feet (at least for me!) from the previous day's volcano hike.


^ Greedy breakfast.

^ Streets are dusty and dismal every where. People don't really need a lot to survive do they?

^ At Kawah Putih, another Bandung must visit. The sulphur smell here is strong enough to be suffocating for those with sensitive noses. Enterprising locals have taken to selling masks here. Also the place was crowded even though it's early in the morning, so it's hard to get a clean picture without the crowd.

^ We were crying hunger, so our driver took us to this place for lunch. No one dared to eat anything except one brave soul who had the mie baso. Weird tasting according to said brave soul.

^ As we were driving to our next destination, we passed by some really beautiful tea plantations and we made a pit stop to take photos. Truly awesome view, makes one want to just jump into the green.

^ As per my itinerary, we stopped by Patenggang Lake for a boat ride. I believe this was the only time i tried street food (can't afford being sick when i have to start work come Monday can i). Those fried things tasted pretty good. Boat ride was ok, i was getting flashbacks of the boat ride from Tai-O. Nothing spectacular.

^ We didn't know what to do for the rest of the afternoon, so we popped by Pasar Baru Trade Center, a supposed good shopping place. Unless you go for pasar malam/ market type of clothes, please just skip this extremely crowded and smelly place.

^ So happy to have seen my favourite Ambon at one of the bakeries, only to find that they taste absolutely disgusting! Bleagh.

^ We asked our driver to drive us to one of the outlets of the most famous kueh lapis shop in Bandung - Kartika Sari. Worst kueh lapis ever, unless you like lapis that are way too soft and soggy from all the oil. Which apparently appeal to some people, because we saw some girls with cartons of lapis from the shop.

^ My brownies are actually famous in Bandung! :p But we didn't see any proper shop selling them, so we didn't get to try any.

^ Reactions to my question, "So what do you think of Bandung?"

^ Our last stop of the day and Bandung trip, Paris Van Java.  It's a really chic and chill shopping centre with a nice romantic-ish ambiance. They have Daiso too! O.o

^ Ironically, the highlight of our trip was the really delicious dinner we had at a CHINESE restaurant. The usual tofu, veg, and seafood dish. With beef hor fun and peking duck! For dessert some of us had special beancurd...

^ While the others had sago. I was chastised for only taking photo of my own food, so here it is, a large photo of the dessert i didn't order. :p

It was pretty late after dinner and we wanted to get back to Lotte Mart at our hotel to stock up on Pop Mie before they closed, so we were ready to jump into a cab back. But it was ages before we managed to get a cab, and the driver took us on such a long winding way back. It was dark and no one knew where the hell we were and when we finally got to our destination, the driver said the most atrocious thing ever: the metered fare was the fare for just one person. Since there were five of us, we will have to pay 5 times the metered fare. Our guy tried to be civil (and firm) about just paying the metered fare, but the driver was being obnoxious and attempted to drive off with some of our heads (through the car windows) still in the cab. We yelled for the security guard at the mall and thankfully the driver had enough sense to bugger off.

^ We managed to get into Lotte Mart to sweep up all their Pop Mie off the shelves. We would have gotten cartons if they had them! My roomie got herself a spongebob ice cream, but seems like they didn't do a good job with the spongbob rendition. The thing looked more like a yellow rectangle with big eyes and a weird mouth.

^ This is me, trying (unsuccessfully) to show how disgusting some of the money were. Some of the notes were so crumpled, "black" and "soft", it was as if they were freshly picked up from inside an un-flushed toilet bowl.


^ Our last breakfast at dear Harris. There was a new egg-man today who made way better eggs than our previous one. I also tried the passion fruit, which was really really sweet and juicy!

^ My roomie made herself burnt toast for breakfast.

^ And so we bid Bandung farewell and we are on our way to the airport. Our entourage made the entire shuttle bus wait for us, yet again. :p Terrible bad habits we have! The entire bus trip (20 minutes), we were trying to finish the beers we have left over. This later caused our resident por-fessional photog fang to unglamorous-ly puke at airport just before we were about to board the plane.

^ It was nice to have some refreshments even though it was just a 2-hour flight.

^ This probably best sums up our Bandung experience.

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bahahaah! Bandung sounds like quite the nightmare! hilarious the 'spongebob' ice cream goodness!!

The ice cream, ugly and taste disgusting some more! But cheap la.

Bandung, is ok la, can experience once in your lifetime. But no need for repeat visits!

Of crop circles and vomiting little girl

The volcano looks nice even if I guess I would vomit.

Re: Of crop circles and vomiting little girl

Yah, suspect you will puke. Smell very strong.

The girl is eating noodles la, not vomiting! Tsk tsk tsk.

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