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Kimchi in Seoul Part III

Our last three days in Seoul.

Our spirits were rather crushed at having to spend three more days in Seoul. We seemed to have tried everything we wanted to in Seoul. We asked the guy at the hostel for recommendations and he rattled off a list of places, all of which we had been to. Then he sweetly printed out a list clubs in Hongdae (like we were the partying kind) and also suggested Nami Islands. But with the perpetual rain and all, we thought it would be stupid to go trekking around an island. And since we have too much time on our hands, we have taken to waking up close to noon every day. Ahh, sleeping in...


^ How could we not eat ginseng chicken in summer. Once again, we made the mistake of ordering two portions when one portion would have left us nicely sated. I did manage to finish my giant pot though, with the exception of the glutinous rice. There wasn't much ginseng flavour, but it was just nice for me. Banchan here from top left, seasoned fungi, kimchi and the very tasty shrimp veg which i can't stop eating.

^ And we headed for Yongsan to check out the electronics market, which we did not manage to find.

^ So we had KFC for tea. Blah chicken but i quite liked the cheese fries. Better than the cheese here.

^ On the Hangang river cruise. Misty every where as well, and nothing much to see really, other than the many bridges. Maybe the ride would have been better at night with all the lights. It was a nice relaxing ride though, and the wind was really good.

^ Visiting Gwanghwamun Square and taking photos of King Sejong's statue.

^ Been trying to find the Cheonggyecheon Stream for a few days now, and today we found it! It's such a couples place. Nice area to relax with all the beautiful lights and water around. We walked down the stream for the longest time and with no end in sight, we decided to head back to our quarters.

^ Have you ever realised that there's always one night during any trip that you'll be too lazy to find a place to eat and end up eating junk?


^ Because donuts make for good and cheap breakfast. Mister donut again. :D And green tea latte again as well.

^ Teehee, giant ice cream. It was melting faster than we could eat.

^ On our last full day in Seoul with nothing to do, we decided to take the city tour bus and enjoy a day without walking to our deaths. First stop we got off the bus for, Changgyeonggung.

^ Love how the palace is right smack in the middle of a modern city town.

^ Next and last stop off the tour bus. Didn't know (but i had suspected) that our tour bus was the last bus to stop at Cheongwadae, making us waste money on the tour bus ticket. Tsk tsk tsk. Took a gander here, snapped 2 photos and left. Had to wait ages for the public bus and we didn't know where to alight too.

^ On the way to trying to find the Bukchon Hanok Village, we passed by a cafe with really cute architecture.

^ We too have been trying to find Bukchon for a few days now and now that we found it, it seemed slightly anti-climatic. A lot of the old houses have been converted to shops. Loads of tiny little cafes in the area with awesome ambiance.

^ Our last dinner in Seoul, bibimbap and coloured mandu.

^ We were at Dongdaemun again for the 100th time and we tried a sausage.

^ I find their train announcement screen really cute.

^ There's a soju tent just across the street from our hostel that i have really wanted to try but didn't dare cos we wouldn't know how to go about ordering and all. Perhaps next time.


And here we are, on the last day.

^ We learned our lesson and recce'd the airport shuttle bus stop on the previous day. We also bought raincoats so we didn't have to struggle with the umbrellas and the luggage. And i caved and bought a tiny bunny to go with my giant bunny.

^ Did some mandatory last minute shopping at the duty free.

^ Yucky plane food again. Drank a cup of beer on flight hehe.

^ KL airport's BK is quite good surprisingly! The chicken tenders were over fried though.

And that's that!

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muaha! you have a hilarious way of writing some stuff... and since when you started calling aahem korean idols 'oppa'... HUR!!!!

i should also confess that i zoomed in to all the foodie pics more than the scenic ones....

seeing the pics make me feel like we should head on a holiday together! I've been entertaining the thought of heading to Vietnam for a month now, mainly to jiakers and explore. 3-4 days. seems quite rural though and i dont want to end up stepping on a landmine. huhuhu! and i must eat all the roadside stalls. maybe we could go sometime!

p.s. ive been craving barcelos and nando's-esque overpriced chicky since we had barcelos that time...

Hahahaha, i have been korean-fied. Sightly. :p

Korea not very scenic lah, at least not in summer. The food!! Aiyoh, always craving spicy soup.

Ok when you free we can holiday!! Im always up for a holiday hahaha. Roadside stall, a bit scared ls, need to prep loads of charcoal pills.

I recently lost my appetite, no mood to eat! :/

I think the last 3 days were the best. I resigned to fate liao. Almost nothing could go wrong anymore.

Yah, i agree! We became so chin chai and anyhow. Hahaha.

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