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Brace Yourselves!
I'm finally going to do my holiday-in-korea post! Happy? :p First though, what have i been up to? Busy fulfilling a large order, that's what. Only 8 done at the moment, 17 more to go, hopefully before i go off to Bandung (next Thursday hopefully), but it's looking increasingly impossible. Too. Many. Distractions. I have started watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch and it's an awesome show, just as i remembered from way back all those years ago when i made a point to watch it every Sat on Ch5. :))

Taking sips of Erdinger as i am typing. Mantou was right, it's delicious! Yum yum. :p A tad expensive though. Ok, here's hoping i won't get drunk (trying to finish the 500ml bottle) and be unable to proceed with my korea post as planned. Feeling slightly woozy now.

Anyway, back to what i have been doing these days. After my success at organising my stuff (including making an excel list of the dvds i own) in numerous cupboards, i attacked my closets today. Managed to pick out a giant bag of clothes to be donated and thrown away. Proud. :)

^ Goodies from hm. Thanks sweet. <3

^ Queuing to get into the Istana. My friend shupang looks like geum jandi, don't you think? And then stepping into the Istana for the first time! Nothing special...

^ My computer table and my new usb fan. Such a godsend. It may look small, but it's good enough for a relief from the insane heat.

^ Free seaweed when I bought newspapers a couple of weeks ago. Deliciously salty and oily. Was craving for korean food so i made my mum make Tteokbokki 떡볶이 the other night. Mmmm.

^ Pretty good seafood rice from Watami.

^ Shupang's carrot cake with a generous dollop of cream cheese. Sinful. Thanks pang for all your baked goodies! :))

^ Nell with my birthday ice-cream. Cookie dough is seriously good. :p

^ Doodles from the office.

^ Popped by the taka toy fair and saw all these good deals. Exercised self control and did not get any of these goodies. Got a bunch of cheap stationery and some tama accessories though. :p

Ok, before i move on to the korea post, one teeny tiny
PSA: Who is holding on to my Grey's Anatomy S2 DVD and La Vie En Rose VCD? Own up please! :D Hahaha.

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I want the yellow bemen who is sitting above the computer

What good deals? *Thumbs down* You have the 5bucks one liao anyway.

Re: I want the yellow bemen who is sitting above the computer

My friend caught that yellow bemen from the kiap machine.

Yeah recognised the 5bucks one. There's this stupid looking (hence quite cute) turtle bemen there at only 2 bucks hahaha. You want? I can buy it for you.

Probably too late liao

Anyways, nah... no more bemens for me, thanks. Hahaha...

Re: Probably too late liao

Don't believe no more bemens.

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