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Last Post in 2011
This is going to be a cheesy, but essential comment, brace yourselves: 2011 really flew by. Before i realised, i graduated from school (possibly for the last time!) and landed a job that i am beginning to feel i really really suck at (and is also sucking the life out of me). Such is life huh.

^ Hehehe, still bent on trying out all flavours of Tohato. Love the salted vanilla.

Baking Session #1
Fang the baker started a minor baking craze.

^ Our first baking session together, where i made a huge mess by spilling almost half a packet of the flour while trying to weigh it out. :p Mishaps aside, the lemon cupcake with cream cheese frosting that we made were awesome!

^ Food with friends. :)

Baking Session #2

^ We made red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting at my place where we had to make do with hand mixing because my mum's mixer was down. Messed up the recipe a little which turned out a not very successful batch of velvets. Heh heh.

Baking Session #3
We went for a baking class to learn how to make proper Red Velvet. And also apple tart. From left to right: mine, hm's and fang's pie. Mine had too much filling. Being greedy.

^ My baked pie and our super moist red velvet. Itching to make some with the mum's new mixer.

^ Giant Christmas package. Hehehe, more cool tic tacs. Also, piglet pasta! :O

Amanda at Work

^ Snacking at work. Addicted to the tea that boss gave! Also, the other day, a colleague commented that every time he sees me, i'm either eating something or texting. Argh, it's not the first time i'm hearing the eating comment, some years ago, another colleague made the same comment. Tsk tsk tsk. Am i really that greedy and eating all the time?! Sigh.

^ Things i spoilt at work: 1) Was attending some boring training session and i accidentally broke the table from the seat. 2) Borrowed an umbrella from another colleague but the canopy tore from the ribs the moment i opened it. Wind's too strong at the hostel!

^ My temporary space in the general office. I'm squatting at another colleague's desk until i get my own space at the hostel. My bunny was patiently waiting for me to knock off, until she got tired of waiting and crossed her arms. :p

^ Christmas tree in the general office.

^ I set up a tiny tree in the hostel office. Also, my future desk in the background!

^ Cute stationary makes work less mundane. My colleague refuses to let me photograph her. Hahaha. And ever since boss resigned, i have been picking up extra work and working late into the night at home, sometimes with the help of the ever helpful little pig.

It's a pity that he's leaving just when we got to know him better (like how to bully him, hahaha!). He's been more relaxed and jovial since his resignation, and i have unabashedly been bullying him more since. Hehehe, chided him for littering and always not waiting for me when we need to attend things together. :p All in good fun, and no disrespect intended of course. Heard from a colleague that boss said I can be so auntie at my age (that was when he drove us home after our office party and i said 'aiyoh' when i alighted because i banged my shoulder against the door)! Grrrrr.

^ In other news, after 24 years, I finally did something more than wash, cut and dry to my hair.

Ok, i leave you with my maggie mee hair and delicious dumpling soup.

Happy 2012 you guys. May 2012 be happier and more fulfilling!

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I, too, remember some colleague commented on your eating habits during work hours. bhaahha!

anw, you're not alone! i also feel i suck at my job. i wonder if time will change it or if it's just something i'm not good at. hopefully time will help both of us!

also, i'm surprised you can differentiate the flavors of the millions of tohato flavours. from the packaging to the taste. tohato obsessed. tsk tsk.

haps new year!

we plan a feast soon! Try someplace new instead of our how-many-years-already-same-old-same-old "CLASSICS" HEE HEE!

Everybody sees me as greedy pig! :/

Seriously i suck at my job, keep forgetting things, or not realising things! Hope i can smarten up and not be so blur. Arghh! But also possibly we need more time to adjust.


That day i had sakura at yck for lunch (boss farewell lunch). sucks leh! still think the tamp one nicer. I gian to eat german food :p prok knuckles and beer! yummmm.

Ok have fun at work and haps new year!

O.O u meant uncle is leaving? haha isnt that good news for u? :p

there is cheesecake flavour tohato at daiso vivo! go check it out. :D

please blog more often and lets meet to bake again in the next public holiday! (ie before or after cny)

He left! Think he's angry with me hahaha. Not good now that we have no boss! :/

omg i did not see the cheesecake tohato :'( they don't have it at ion or ps. vivo too far :(
ntuc don't even have it. :(

hahaha i wanna eat red velvet again. we should make more new flavours.

You perm your hair ah? Or you ownself curl?

perm at an undisclosed amount. i am sian of my permed hair already. after 1 month plus. waste money.

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