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Bandung Stuff

^ Work clothes that have since been put to good use. Also bought a "I Love Bandung" tee in trying to be ironic.

^ Was intending to get Mayasari kueh lapis from the airport, but turned out that the entire shop had only one box of kueh lapis. In a bid to use up my rupiahs, i got all of their loose lapis, a box of pisang bolen and a box of brownies. Also managed to get brand-less lapis from the airport mama shop.

^ Pop Mie!! And i wish they would import Indo-made Koala's March.

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The koala thing we also have what... or at least we used to have them.

The one here is made in China! Like hell i'm going to buy them.

The import from Japan one is like 2.60 per box, too ex!

From Indo one, cheap cheap 1 buck plus and taste good!

I can't eat the gums I bought anymore. pass them to you and fang next time!!

Don't pass to me!! I sian of gum liao, bought quite a bit from Korea (cos the box very cute). Been chewing a few gums in office every day. Chew until mouth "sour".

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