Last Post in 2011
This is going to be a cheesy, but essential comment, brace yourselves: 2011 really flew by. Before i realised, i graduated from school (possibly for the last time!) and landed a job that i am beginning to feel i really really suck at (and is also sucking the life out of me). Such is life huh.

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Happy 2012 you guys. May 2012 be happier and more fulfilling!

Bandung Stuff
Bandung BuysCollapse )

^ Pop Mie!! And i wish they would import Indo-made Koala's March.

Bandung, Meh. Part II
We continue on to the third day with aching feet (at least for me!) from the previous day's volcano hike.

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^ This probably best sums up our Bandung experience.

Bandung, Meh. Part I

^ Never heard of Batavia Air? Neither did we. A glorified bus ride (a rather bumpy one at that), much more so than the rest of the budget airlines. However, there were refreshments served on the short 2-hour flight. The twists and turns of the plane kept us on alert for our arrival at dear Bandung.

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Stay tuned for the next Bandung installment, where we met the taxi driver from hell.

What's Down

Was initially appalled at having to have sucky canteen food every day, but on the bright side, i just might be able to lose some weight! Hehehe. Plus, canteen food is cheap. :))

Work saps energy, even though i don't have much to do yet, so i have been sleeping around 10-11pm since work started. Proud of my self discipline hahaha!

I miss slacking around at home. :/

Seoul Stuff
The missing luggage saga had a happy ending.

^ My wet and dirty luggage.

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Kimchi in Seoul Part III

Our last three days in Seoul.

Our spirits were rather crushed at having to spend three more days in Seoul. We seemed to have tried everything we wanted to in Seoul. We asked the guy at the hostel for recommendations and he rattled off a list of places, all of which we had been to. Then he sweetly printed out a list clubs in Hongdae (like we were the partying kind) and also suggested Nami Islands. But with the perpetual rain and all, we thought it would be stupid to go trekking around an island. And since we have too much time on our hands, we have taken to waking up close to noon every day. Ahh, sleeping in...

The Last StretchCollapse )

And that's that!

Kimchi in Seoul Part II
Continuing with the fourth day.

Off We GoCollapse )

Okay, i'll stop here for now. Look forward to the third part! :D

Kimchi in Seoul Part I
Before Seoul, we were on transit at KL.

^ Giant Harrods bear at the KL airport. And putting my travel wallet to good use. Appalled and disappointed that the only in-flight entertainment was the couple of in-flight radio channels. Tsk tsk tsk tsk.

^ Breakfast is served! The usual nasty plane food.

Twas Was My BirthdayCollapse )

And with this, we conclude the first part of our Korea adventures.

Brace Yourselves!
I'm finally going to do my holiday-in-korea post! Happy? :p First though, what have i been up to? Busy fulfilling a large order, that's what. Only 8 done at the moment, 17 more to go, hopefully before i go off to Bandung (next Thursday hopefully), but it's looking increasingly impossible. Too. Many. Distractions. I have started watching Sabrina The Teenage Witch and it's an awesome show, just as i remembered from way back all those years ago when i made a point to watch it every Sat on Ch5. :))

Taking sips of Erdinger as i am typing. Mantou was right, it's delicious! Yum yum. :p A tad expensive though. Ok, here's hoping i won't get drunk (trying to finish the 500ml bottle) and be unable to proceed with my korea post as planned. Feeling slightly woozy now.

Anyway, back to what i have been doing these days. After my success at organising my stuff (including making an excel list of the dvds i own) in numerous cupboards, i attacked my closets today. Managed to pick out a giant bag of clothes to be donated and thrown away. Proud. :)

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Ok, before i move on to the korea post, one teeny tiny
PSA: Who is holding on to my Grey's Anatomy S2 DVD and La Vie En Rose VCD? Own up please! :D Hahaha.


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